General Motors CEO: 4G is Coming to GM Cars in 2014

AT&T and GM Teamed Up to Deliver 4G Services in Cars

AT&T and GM Teamed Up to Deliver 4G Services in Cars

Today the CEO of General Motors, Dan Akerson expressed his excitement about a new technology that is coming to the entire GM vehicle fleet: 4G technology will be available in all 2015 GM models and it will be provided through OnStar.
There have been lots of rumors in the past that eventually 3G and 4G technologies will come to vehicles and it looks like GM is very close to to make this rumors a reality. GM will be one of the first auto makers to feature such technology and the first non-luxury specific brand to make it available in the United States. Audi has been ahead of the game and all Audi models will have available 4G service starting 2014.
GM will partner with AT&T to deliver the 4G connection, as the vehicle will be acting just like a cell phone. Auto owners will have the option to add their vehicle to their monthly cell phone plan as industry experts do not predict that this will have a large impact on your monthly bill. That being said, you will obviously have to have OnStar, and you will be be required to pay at least 30$-40$ per month for your vehicle to act as a mobile device.

The beauty of this new emerging technology is that it will create lots of opportunities for digital marketing professionals. Reason being is that brands such as General Motors will invest millions in this technology and they will want to know how is that technology performing. As mentioned in previous posts, digital analytics demand is supposed to explode in the next 10 years, and such new technological advances will keep the field of analytics relevant for quite a while. Car companies already have digital analytics in place on their entertainment/navigation systems, which are used to deliver a better user experience.

These are exciting times in the field of digital marketing as this is just another example of how a degree in digital marketing can lead to an exciting career int he auto industry.


Demand for Digital Marketing Professionals Keeps Growing

In this day in age, you will be lucky to find a full time job right after graduation. If you have decided to go with a more traditional degree such as: engineering, business, education and etc, you might find it hard to actually get a job in your field as there is simply tons of people with your background and skills. However if you actually decided to graduate with a Digital Marketing Degree from a university like University of Michigan-Dearborn, you will be in great shape to get a job right out of college. Reason being is that there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals across the United States.
Fortune 500 companies are expanding rapidly their digital marketing efforts which consequentially increases the demand for qualified digital marketing professionals.

Recently published a great chart, which pretty much sums up all the things you need to know as to why you should get a digital marketing degree:

Digital Marketing Jobs
As you can see the fields of Analytics, Email Marketing, SEO, Mobile, Content Marketing and much more are in high demand currently in the US. Companies cant find professionals with the right digital marketing background to fulfill their needs.
A digital marketing degree will enable you to get a job right out of college, with respectable pay and huge potential for growth. Analysts predict that just the demand for Analytics professionals alone will increase by 40% in the next ten years.
There is no better time to get a digital marketing degree.

Digital Marketing Term Tuesdays: Quality Score

Quality ScoreQuality Score is a term used for advertisements used with Google’s AdWords tool. The score depends on the relevancy of the keywords, ads, and  the landing page that the ads bring the user to. This score is awarded on a bases on what the user will find relevant based on their searches. To persuade the ad developers to make their links and information relevant, Google offers lower prices and better ad positions for high quality scores.

If a user is searching for “home improvement store” in Google search, the organic searches that come up are for Lowe’s and Home Depot. However, in the paid ad column on the side there is an ad for “Home Store at JC Penney”. This advertisement would not be seen as relevant for the user and would receive a lower quality score.

Google is trying to serve the user with relevant ads to make their experience worthwhile as they search. Working on your quality score can boast CTR by serving to interested consumers who will follow the ad to the landing page.

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Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Detroit

Detroit has come a long way since its troubled times during the recession. As things are starting to look up in the Motor City, advertising agencies have started to come back to the Detroit Metropolitan area and are expanded rapidly. Nearly 80% of  all marketing initiatives in Detroit are strictly related to the Auto industry, which in turn has turned things around and sales are climbing with every month that passes by.
There are quite a few digital marketing agencies in Detroit and the surrounding areas, and they are mostly serving the accounts of the big 3 (Ford, GM and Chrysler).

Team Detroit LogoTeam Detroit – is part of WPP and handles the Ford business, and it has been for a while. They are located in Dearborn Michigan, right across the street from Ford Motor Company’s headquarters. They are responsible for all of Fords digital marketing initiatives, and employ nearly 1500 people. Apart from Ford they handle Sports Authority business as well.

MRM Worldwide LogoMRM Worldwide – part of McCann Worldgroup, MRM Detroit is servicing all of General Motors digital marketing needs. Located in Birmingham MI, they are growing exponentially as they are currently employing over 400 people just in the Detroit office. MRM has offices around the world, working on different accounts however the Detroit office is the main driver for the company.


SapientNitro LogoSapientNitro – handles the Chrysler account and is responsible for multi-channel digital marketing initiatives for all Chrysler brands. They are located in Birmingham MI, and they have helped Chrysler get to a top-notch level in terms of digital experiences for Chrysler customers.



Detroit is also the home of other smaller but successful digital agencies such as: Shift Digital (who handles Land Rover and Jaguar lead generation), Doner, Organic (Hilton account), and Digitas.

These agencies and many more are constantly looking for talent with digital marketing background. They often recruit students who have either digital marketing degrees or have taken digital marketing courses in college.

Twitter Goes Public

Twitter LogoTwitter has officially become a publicly traded company. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) took place on Thursday and the entire tech world stood and watched what was going to happen with one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world. Unlike the Facebook IPO, Twitter’s went smoothly and there were no significant delays in releasing the stock for the public to have the option to buy.
Appropriately enough Twitter was given the TWTR symbol and the stock is going to be traded on the NYSE.

Interestingly enough Twitter were the first ones to announce their long waited IPO via….Twitter of course! Here is the original tweet that started it all:

The morning after the official Twitter account released one simple tweet:

The stock soared for the first 24 hours as investors showed enormous interest. The stock went from $26 to nearly $50 in a matter of hours, which proved that investors have found something interesting in Twitter and want to capitalize on it.

As the Twitter went public, there are lots of questions still to be answered about how the company will actually be able to become more lucrative to advertisers. Currently Facebook is winning the battle on every front, as the “social network” has figured out ways to lure advertisers to their mobile site (which is the key to success). Once Twitter comes up with a solid mobile advertising plan, then they will be able to compete with Facebook and the other emerging networks in terms of revenue.
Twitter has huge potential as it has been growing significantly for the past several years. However a recent study showed that only 8% of people actually get their news from Twitter and a whooping 30%+ get them from Facebook.

Twitter will continue to grow and become even more popular. Recently there have been rumors that Twitter will partner with powerful TV networks which will give even more momentum to Twitter.


Digital Marketing Term Tuesday: Page Rank

What is Page Rank?Page Rank is a term used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When a search engine like Google crawls a page to be indexed they supply a page rank to the page. The page rank is determined by the quality of links that link to the page. Each link is seen as a vote of support to the page and the more “votes” the higher the page rank.

There was talk that Google might get rid of Page Rank! Read the Page Rank post where I saw it first.

Stay tuned for next weeks Digital Marketing Term Tuesday!

What Universities Offer Digital Marketing Courses?

For the past few years, the field of digital marketing has been rapidly expanding.

Companies are investing millions of dollars into digital marketing initiatives, as consumers spend more and more time online. Consumers have the ability to be online 24/7 because they have access to various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Several major universities in the United States have recognized the enormous growth in this field and have adjusted accordingly by offering digital marketing courses as well as digital marketing degrees.Some of the most notable universities that offer such programs include: The University of Michigan-Dearborn, Rutgers University and Georgetown University

The University of Michigan-Dearborn recently added Digital Marketing to its College of

University of Michigan-Dearborn Logo

Business curriculum. Currently the program is 21 credit hours, including classes that focus on some of the major themes in the digital marketing field: Social Media Marketing, SEO, Analytics, and Viral Marketing. For more details about the program visit The University of Michigan-Dearborn Digital Marketing page.


Rutgers University offers a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing.rutgerslogor

It is a nine week program, taught by industry leaders. The great feature of this Mini-MBA certification is that every class is 100% online, which allows for busy professionals to obtain this valuable knowledge in their own time.


Georgetown_LogoGeorgetown University also offers a certification in Digital Marketing. Courses are available during evenings, and weekends to encourage professionals to continue expanding their knowledge on the ever evolving world of digital marketing.



These universities are one of the few institutions that offer Digital Marketing courses and degrees. In the foreseeable future others will follow, as companies continue to expand their digital marketing departments.